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John Giesfeldt in Anti-Counterfeiting on December 14, 2015

 Safety seal combined with a special holographic feature replaced a clear shrink film band that covered the cap and neck of the bottles.



Safety seal with holographic features


To identify a possible solution, Nutritional Brands turned to WS Packaging Group, the printer/converter that produces the Aerobic Life product labels, as well the labeling for its other brands. While a lot of options were considered, nothing really seemed to fit. They were either too cost-prohibitive or didn't provide the level of protection Nutritional Brands was looking for. As the process unfolded WS Packaging presented a concept of a safety seal combined with a special holographic feature. The new construction replaced a clear shrink film band that covered the cap and neck of the bottles.

“The solution we settled on accomplishes several things,” says Darryl Hopkins, regional sales manager with WS Packaging. “The construction incorporates a shrink band that functions as a tough safety seal. But integrated on the inside of the shrink band is a 3D holographic strip called Izon that was developed by DuPont. By bringing these visual and material elements together we’ve created a very powerful level of authentication.”

According to DuPont, the full 3D security images offer simple and intuitive recognition for Nutritional Brands’ customers. The security technology confounds attempts to duplicate, which validates product authenticity and enhances the overall brand image.


The clear shrink film is printed with a two-color repeat pattern of Nutritional Brands logos. The Izon holographic strip is literally bonded to the inside of the film to create a highly overt security feature. The shrink band is seamed and covers the top edge of the cap and the contour of the full neck of the bottle.


Consumer awareness, too

“I’m so happy to introduce the anti-counterfeit safety seal, because now our customers can know the authentic from the fake,” Pratte says. “But beyond that, it's about customer awareness, too. The more we can educate customers about the new seal and what it means, the better everyone will be. 

“We get a one-time shot with some customers, and if that opportunity is spoiled because the product they try isn't authentic, they may never try our products again.  And what happens if they tell a friend, and they tell a friend.  The cost to our business because of counterfeit products can never truly be calculated because we may not even know all of the costs.”

The MagO7 product is sold in multiple countries, under multiple labels. And because it’s the number-one brand in the line, coupled with the counterfeiting issues, it made sense to use it as the test. Based on the initial success, Nutritional Brands is considering the new seal for its entire Aerobic Life line and the Pure Advantage B12 Spray.

The company is hoping to integrate the new seal on all its products. There are 60 products in all of its product lines: Pure Vegan, Pure Kidz, Pure Advantage, Oregon Health, Vuelve a la Vida, and Aerobic Life.

“The benefit of the new label is that it creates another layer of consumer confidence and value in knowing Nutritional Brands has done everything it can to protect the customer and provide them with the best product available,” Pratte says. “There's no guesswork or question for the customer. If they see the new seal, they know it can be trusted. Protecting our brand and our products is incredibly important. We’re moving from niche, specialty to mass market and increasing our international presence. That’s why it’s so critical to us for customers to continue to put their trust in Nutritional Brands.”



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