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Tom Szaky

Author Tom Szaky, founder/ CEO of TerraCycle and Loop, writes for Treehugger and Happi Magazine, published an award-winning book called The Future of Packaging: From Linear to Circular ” (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, February 2019) and is the star of the reality television show "Human Resources.” Szaky and TerraCycle have won more than 200 awards for entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation.



Kao’s new recyclable package for MyKirei personal care products — which uses up to 50% less plastic by weight than traditional rigid plastic bottles with pumps — embodies functional, emotional, and social benefits of a holistic sustainable design.


Each Earth Day sets a new benchmark for what consumers expect from their trusted brands, muses TerraCycle and Loop CEO/founder Tom Szaky. And it can’t be growth at the expense of a planet running dry.


For better or worse, business is the most powerful...

Does cold and flu season inevitably generate packaging waste? Consumer brands can step up to treat people and planet, as TerraCycle and Loop CEO Tom Szaky enlightens us. A new example is the RB Health & Nutrition Recycling Program, a national network for health-and-...