13 automation game changers that ease engineering tasks: Page 6 of 13

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Automation on April 07, 2015

6. Yaskawa palletizer/depalletizer with Kinect 3D: The Yaskawa palletizer/depalletizer uses 3D vision to locate the position and orientation of the next case to be handled. The wow! factor was that instead of a $10,000 to 20,000 industrial vision system, they used a $150 Kinect game controller (highlighted) from Microsoft’s Xbox game system. I predict that, in coming years, Microsoft will sell many more Kinects than Xboxes as 3D vision gets incorporated into many applications previously not thought possible.

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Kinect was identified as a technology game changer several years ago at an RIA Forum exactly because it brings down cost and delivers sophisticated input. In fact, as sensors and input devices come down in price and increase in capability there will be huge gains to the industrial market. Way to go YASKAWA Motoman for recognizing technology trends from other sectors and converting them to real-world industrial robot applications! ([email protected])
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