6 transformational packaging production trends of 2017: Page 3 of 6

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Automation on December 12, 2017

#4. HPP putting healthy pressure on conventional processing methods

Executives from leading high-pressure processing (HPP) machinery manufacturer Hiperbaric explain why the HPP market, which is estimated to reach $1.1 billion by the end of 2021, is growing so fast.

Key market drivers: “Higher demand for clean-label products and a heavier emphasis on social and environmental responsibility leads to consumers opting for safer, high quality products.”

Most-active product markets: “Juices and drinks and dips and meats are dominating the HPP market.”

Largest growth area: “We expect big growth [in Europe] in 2017 and in Oceania and throughout Asia.”

Packaging requirements: “The packaging design is limited to flexible and waterproof designs, meaning glass, rigid plastics or metals would not work.” [Until Hiperbaric found a way to make even those packages work.]

Constraints due to consumer confusion: “These days, we see more consumers becoming familiar with the technology, especially among the wellness-foods space.


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