6 transformational packaging production trends of 2017: Page 5 of 6

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Automation on December 12, 2017

#2. How food processing methods affect your packaging options

Different food processing methods place certain demands on packaging that all packaging production professionals need to understand to ensure product safety and plant efficiency.

In this detailed article, posted July 2016, food processing expert Murat Balaban considers the implications of packaging limitations, challenges, opportunities and costs for five thermal and non-thermal processing methods:

• Retort processing;

• Aseptic processing;

• Microwave-assisted thermal sterilization (MATS);

• High- and ultra-high-pressure processing (HPP / UHP); and

• High-intensity light pulse (HILP).

Balaban is professor and retired chair of Food Process Engineering at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. His research and teaching experience in the food processing area covers more than 40 years.


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