8 Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and How Packaging Benefits

How are automation technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning helping packaging and production be more responsive, timelier, and adaptable?

Meaghan Ziemba, Principal

January 26, 2023

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In times of chaos, we tend to be the most innovative. As we continue to face rising materials costs, supply chain disruptions, imbalances in inventory levels, increases in labor costs, and a lack of available talent, we still have an opportunity to achieve manufacturing excellence with automation technologies that meld humans and machines together.

Amid the fourth industrial revolution, how we design, process, manufacture, and distribute things — and communicate with one another — is being transformed. Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are merging the virtual world with the physical world and helping us to be more profitable, flexible, and better prepared for unforeseen and abrupt world events.

Packaging operations will benefit from the continued accelerations in digital technology and become more responsive, timelier, and adaptable. Investing in cutting-edge technologies allows packaging and production operations to recommit to customer excellence.

So let’s look at these automation technologies and how they will advance packaging and production operations.

About the Author(s)

Meaghan Ziemba

Principal, Mavens of Manufacturing

Meaghan Ziemba, Principal, Mavens of Manufacturing

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