8 impressive developments in packaging automation: Page 3 of 8

in Automation on May 30, 2019

3. A tablet in your eyeball

I’ve been advocating for years to get a tablet into every mechanic’s pocket. This gives them instant access to the information they need to do their jobs. Better than in the pocket, though, is an Android tablet in the eye, like this from realwear. If anyone wonders what to get me for a gift, here’s a hint.

It includes an eyepiece and microphone that is positioned in front of the wearer’s eye. The headmount contains a camera. Voice activation lets you say “take a picture” (or video) and it does. Say “send the picture to tech support” and off it goes. Ask for a wiring diagram and it appears in the eyepiece.

It’s a fantastic piece of tech and I can see a day soon when all engineering or maintenance staff will be wearing them.


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