8 impressive developments in packaging automation: Page 6 of 8

By John R. Henry in Automation on May 30, 2019

6. Compact palletizing

Articulated robots are frequently used for palletizing but, because of the required guarding, they can have a pretty big footprint. ONExia introduced its PalletizUR based on a Universal Robots collaborative robot. This creates a palletizer that takes up next to no floor space yet will handle 50% or more of typical palletizing applications for consumer packaged goods (CPG). The light weight of the UR allows ONExia to place the robot on an elevating pedestal, greatly increasing the reach envelope.


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John R. Henry

Known as the Changeover Wizard, John R. Henry is the owner of Changeover.com, a consulting firm that helps companies find and fix the causes of inefficiencies in their packaging operations. He has written the book, literally, on packaging machinery (www.packmachbook.com) and is the face and personality behind packaging detective KC Boxbottom, the main character in Adventures in Packaging, a popular blog on packagingdigest.com. He can be contacted at [email protected].

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