8 impressive developments in packaging automation: Page 7 of 8

By John R. Henry in Automation on May 30, 2019

7. Robo casing

X-Pak has been building robot-based case erectors for a few years. I was always impressed on how it simplified case erecting and allowed erection of multiple case sizes at random. It has gone a step further by switching to a collaborative robot from Universal. This simplifies the system and reduces the required floor space—while maintaining most of the capabilities. Add a second robot for loading, a case taper and the palletizer from its partner ONExia and, voila! You have a complete, fully automatic packaging cell taking up very little space. More importantly, almost no changeover downtime.


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John R. Henry

Known as the Changeover Wizard, John R. Henry is the owner of Changeover.com, a consulting firm that helps companies find and fix the causes of inefficiencies in their packaging operations. He has written the book, literally, on packaging machinery (www.packmachbook.com) and is the face and personality behind packaging detective KC Boxbottom, the main character in Adventures in Packaging, a popular blog on packagingdigest.com. He can be contacted at [email protected].

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