8 ‘power tools’ for packaging engineers at EastPack

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Automation on June 09, 2015

Like a well-equipped garage or workroom, the EastPack show (June 9-11; NYC) assembles packaging equipment makers for upstream and downstream packaging operations. Here are some of the new products you can see and touch at the event that tout flexibility, among other benefits.


1. CIJ coder for micro printing

Want to add reliable traceability to your products with a small, unobtrusive 2D code or need to code on a pack with limited space? The new 1000 Line High Resolution (HR) Series (shown above) lets you do that. These two continuous inkjet systems—the 1650 HR and 1620 HR—print 2D bar codes, as well as legible, multi-line text at speeds up to 348 meters (or more than 1,100 feet) per minute. How small is small? The coders can print characters as small as 0.6mm in height that are readable. Both systems overcome the print quality challenges inherent with small codes and fast line speeds through advanced micro-print capabilities with specialized rasters.

Videojet Technologies, EastPack Booth #3011


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