9 incredible floorspace-shrinking packaging machines

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Automation on September 19, 2019

When you (literally) hit a wall when laying out your packaging line, you could get creative Tetris-style. But that might introduce gaps or other hiccups at transfer points, which could limit line speed and, hence, output. Or you could just buy smaller equipment that fits in the space you have!

“Compact” is fast becoming a necessity rather than a nice-to-have in packaging machinery. Another benefit—especially of systems designed from the ground up to be smaller—is that the internal workings are often engineered to be simpler, with fewer parts and less complicated mechanics. And that translates into easier maintenance and less money spent on replacement parts.

From previews of products to be shown at the upcoming Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 show (Sept. 23-25; Las Vegas), Packaging Digest presents 9 packaging systems that tout their small size:

Page 1: ReadyPack case packer from Somic America, Booth US-7346.

Page 2: FLX AXIS-Servo Linear pre-made pouch filler/sealer from AlliedFlex, Booth LS-5919.

Page 3: HMT-Mini case sealer from Massman, Booth C-2414.

Page 4: The lightline series Flowpacker line from Schubert, Booth US-7649.

Page 5: Model CSB vertical form fill seal (vffs) bagger from Triangle Package Machinery, Booth C-2614.

Page 6: Compact 12 monobloc from Marchesini, Booth N-107.

Page 7: RC10 palletizer from FlexLink, a Coesia company, Booth C-4400.

Page 8: ZX600 case packer from Bradman Lake, Booth C-4640.

Page 9: New Quik Pick & Pack robotic pick-and-place cell from Quest, A Pro Mach company, Booth C-3026.


1. Entry-level system simplifies retail-ready case packing (see photo at top of page)

The new ReadyPack case packer from Somic America (Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 Booth US-7346) creates shelf-ready packs in a reduced footprint of 79 inches in length and 118 inches in both width and height.

Depending on the product being packed, ReadyPack can collate at speeds of 160 products per minute. As a tray packer, it will run up to 18 packaging units per minute; the wraparound model delivers 12 units per minute. Granted, the ReadyPack collates products, packs them and seals cases at speeds slower than the company’s 424 T2 (D) and the SOMIC FLEXX III that debuted at last year’s Pack Expo. But the new system has a simpler application than its predecessors and a shorter lead time, which Peter Fox, svp of sales for Somic America says are “two things that potential customers had expressed interest in.”

Fox adds, “People are used to seeing our other machines running at speeds three or four times faster, but they liked the simplicity and user-friendly capabilities.”


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