9 incredible floorspace-shrinking packaging machines: Page 6 of 9

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Automation on September 19, 2019


6. Pharma monobloc combines multiple packaging operations in small footprint

The new Compact 12 monobloc system from Marchesini (Healthcare Packaging Expo 2019 Booth N-107, co-located with Pack Expo Las Vegas) fills and caps bottles for pills, tablets or capsules at speeds up to 55 bottles per minute (3,000 per hour). By integrating multiple operations on one machine frame, users can save floorspace, as well as guarantee total product control throughout packaging. The monobloc measures 2.4 meters x 1.16 meters (7.8 x 3.8 feet).

For quality control, safety and upmost accuracy, the machine’s HarleNIR vision system uses a Near Infrared (NIR) hyperspectral camera to chemically distinguish the pharmaceutical products by analyzing their active ingredient. This is in addition to its Valida technology multivision inspection for checking the shape, size and color of the pills. According to the company, it is the first packaging machinery manufacturer in the world to implement the HarleNIR technology for packaged blisters.

The monobloc can be flexible in the types of filling and capping operations incorporated. For example, it can handle screw-on, press-on and crimped capping applications. Need to insert a desiccant or cotton? It can do that, too.

The Compact 12 filler/capper can be mated with the Model Sirio3 bottle feeder and the RO600 bottle labeler to create a full packaging line.


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