Automatic splicer cuts downtime and packaging film waste with better register sensor

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Automation on January 20, 2017

A new register sensor on the SP1 automatic film splicer helps minimize packaging material waste by matching registration marks on film webs to eliminate the need to re-register the film after a splice.

From Butler Automatic, the SP1 automatic film splicer allows packaging lines to keep running by providing automatic, in-registration butt splices between rolls of packaging film, whether that be for a flexible package or for film labels, including shrink-sleeve labels.

This means no time is wasted for re-registering the rollstock after a splice because the film is already in register. The new register sensor also is better than the previous sensor at distinguishing between similar colors to more accurately find the register mark. This is helpful for when package graphics are printed close to or against the register mark.

And with new control software, users simply enter an offset value on the touchscreen control panel to easily position the splice and it is done automatically. Previously, operators had to physically move the sensor in the in-web direction when adjusting between products of different length or pitch.

New Butler SP1 systems offer this new register sensor as an option. But it can also be retrofit on any older SP1 splicer with a factory-installed Bi-Directional Registered Splice Option and a touchscreen user interface. Check with the Butler service and parts department to see if your older system is compatible for retrofit.

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