Drive selection tool

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March 11, 2015

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Drive selection tool
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The EASY Explorer design program for fast selection of drive components ear299325-Lenze_EzExplorer_jpg.jpg

Lenze EzExplorer.jpg

ly in the design phase of a new machine analyzes basic user-entered data and automatically determines optimal inverter and geared motor combinations for user consideration.

"A simple way to narrow down drive solutions with a few online entries, the EASY Explorer makes it easy to perform initial drive calculations with just basic data," states Craig Dahlquist, automation product leader, Lenze Americas. "EASY Explorer enables both experienced and novice users to get started in the world of drive technology design without a lengthy learning curve."

An entry ramp tool for early and effective planning, the EASY Explorer guides users through intuitive data entry screens, where they specify the desired movement type (i.e., conveying, lifting, rotating) and other basic information, such as desired speed and mass to be moved. The tool calculates inverter-geared motor specifications and uses intelligent search algorithms to generate up to four alternative solutions from the Lenze product portfolio. The EASY Explorer will generate options for a range of common drive applications, including direct, decentralized, controlled and dynamic drives.

The EASY Explorer solution automatically factors in a sufficient reserve for safe implementation of the machine drive task. This approach provides users with an overview of potential drive solutions without searching technical documentation and catalogs or performing manual calculations. In addition to specifying part type numbers and rated data, the EASY Explorer provides CAD and ePLAN data, which can be used to request a quote or access additional information in the Lenze Drive Solution Catalog (DSC).

"We are pleased to provide the free EASY Explorer tool for customers in the initial phase of machine design. No extensive product knowledge is needed to immediately identify drive specifications and recommendations," adds Dahlquist.

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