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Fieldbus couplerFieldbus coupler

Posted by Jack Mans

March 11, 2015

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Fieldbus coupler

WAGO Corp.'s new IP67 SPEEDWAY 767-1311 Fieldbus Coupler links the fieldbus level to Sercos Wago.jpg


V1.2 real-time Ethernet fieldbus system. Supporting all Sercos cycle times, WAGO's high-performance coupler integrates into a Sercos system via Standardized Sercos Profiles and Device Description (SDDML). The machine-mount coupler features 10µs high-speed synchronization for harsh-environment motion control applications that may not have the resources for enclosures.


SPEEDWAY Sercos coupler's eight high-speed digital inputs capture binary signals from switches and sensors with a 10µs (microseconds) scanning cycle - compatible with 31.25µs Sercos cycles. Because the coupler connects to a wide range of WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM modules, SPEEDWAY can support "hard" real-time applications with I/O cycles of a mere 250µs. The coupler is extendable up to 64 modules, which can be installed away from the Sercos coupler for system expansion up to 200m. This enables digital and analog I/O modules to be installed directly next to sensors and actuators.


WAGO Corp., 800-146-7245, www.wago.us

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