David Bellm

March 11, 2015

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Hybrid robot palletizer
Robotier, robotic palletizer, packaging equipment



TopTier’s RoboTier palletizer provides a new level of capabilities and performance with no robot programming, says the company. RoboTier is said to utilize end-of-arm tooling that supports product from the bottom, allowing higher speed robot motion and advanced product handling security. Bottom support offers a significant improvement over typical robot product handling methods such as vacuum top picking that is less flexible and secure, and clamping systems that necessitate looser loads. RoboTier product handling is also enhanced by advanced controls architecture for robot palletizing, says the company. A Fanuc controller with very simple code that cannot be modified directs robot motion based on PLC instructions. RoboTier models include automated pallet dispensing, and can handle any product from 6" to 36" up to 60 lbs at speeds to 40 per minute.

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