The new transport system boasts an IP69K rating and is suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical operations.

Jamie Hartford 1

October 8, 2021

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Photo supplied by Beckhoff

A new linear transport system was designed to be easy to clean, especially in food, pharmaceutical, and other applications in which cleanability is especially important.

The XTS Hygienic is the latest version of the eXtended Transport System from Beckhoff, a modular transport system known for its compact footprint, high speed, and ability to be integrated with other automation solutions. This new version, launched in October 2020, was developed with input from the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group and meets all requirements for EL Class I Aux certification. The stainless-steel system is IP69K rated, meaning it offers the highest level of protection against ingress of dust and water.

The XTS Hygienic can withstand harsh cleaning agents and disinfectants used in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications and other demanding environments. Additionally, it features no hidden corners, edges, or undercuts, making it well suited for washdown.

Other benefits of the XTS Hygienic include the ability to transfer movers between multiple tracks, providing additional opportunities for customization, quality inspection, and automatic defect ejection.

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