Magnetic encoders

March 11, 2015

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Magnetic encoders


The new ERM 2400 Series of modular magnetic encoders features many compact dimensions, already commonly used on C axes in lathes, that can be used at higher rotational speeds. This makes it useful in more applications such as in spindles for milling machines. This series of encoders consists of the scanning head and scale drum assemblies. The scale drums are designed so that they require only a small installation space. They are available in two versions: the ERM 2404 scale drum features a continuous centering collar on its inner circumference and is fastened with a frictional connection. This drum has the advantage of being able to endure very high rotational speeds; In addition to the centering collar, the ERM 2405 scale drum has feather-key slots on its inner circumference, which prevent unintentional rotation of the scale drum. Since the scale drums do not have mounting holes, it is possible to realize relatively large inside diameters. Also, completely new scanning heads with small dimensions for the series have been designed. In addition to the small size, the new ERM 2480 scanning heads also offer the possibility to choose between a radial or axial cable outlet. The scanning heads have a 1-VPP interface.

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