MSU to host 28th annual Student Packaging Jamboree

By Posted by Jenni Spinner, Senior Editor in Automation on January 06, 2013

MSU Student Packaging JamboreeFrom March 21st-23rd, 2013 Michigan State University's School of Packaging will be hosting the 28th annual Student Packaging Jamboree. The Jamboree will provide an opportunity for Packaging students throughout the nation and Canada to unite for a weekend of networking and learning. An anticipated 250 attending students will attend this three day conference. The conference will consist of prominent speeches from industry professionals, an opportunity to interact with industry experts through a formatted panel discussion, a showcase display of innovative packages, and a design competition that will incorporate all attending students. Representatives from various companies will also have booths set up to showcase their products, providing an excellent opportunity for students to network with professionals within their industry. This year's theme for the Jamboree is Innovation in Design and Sustainability. The speakers attending will discuss innovations within their packaging department as well as strides they are making to create more sustainable packages to put out in the market. 

The School of Packaging at MSU was established in 1952, and is one of the premier programs in its field. It is the first program to offer undergraduate and graduate education programs in conjunction with conducting research to find advances in packaging technology. The School strives to create the best possible networking and educational opportunities for students in the packaging field.


Source: The School of Packaging at MSU

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