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New Equipment


Tube packer

The new All-In-One Tube shrink wrapper/case packer, for hard-to-handle tubes, uses the co.'s patented system to pick and place tubes directly onto the film for shrink wrapping. At the back of the machine, a discharge gantry picks up the shrink-wrapped tube multipacks and places them into an erected case for distribution. The system is available in dual- or single-lane models, runs at speeds up to 180-tubes/min and features both minimal changeover and a color touchscreen interface.
Polypack Inc., 727/578-5000.


Labeling system

The S250 automatic labeling system applies paper and clear self-adhesive labels to a range of products including cylindrical, rectangular or square containers in glass, plastic, metal or composite materials, with outputs up to 250 containers/min. The labeler will be fitted with the Allen NG2 thermal-transfer system that will operate in conjunction with a PCE PILOT vision overprint inspection system. The vision system will generate serial production codes from a demonstration database and transfer these codes into the coding unit together with 2D datamatrix codes and expiry information that will then be printed onto the label for verification. Both the coder and vision system will be operated from a common HMI.
Newman Labelling Systems, 609/597-8722.



The all-electric Model 628 offers clean processing, minimizing the carbon footprint for parenteral (injectable product) applications. The machine has the flexibility to produce sterile, liquid-filled, tamper-evident containers ranging in size from 0.5mL up to 500mL, in production quantities. The versatile Model 628 features a two-piece stepped base design for easy maintenance and convenient product discharge. It comes with an integral product buffer tank designed to meet tight fill tolerances and all-digital controls.
Weiler Engineering, 847/697-4900.


Stretch wrapper clamp

The co.'s new Load Seeking Clamp 4.0 was created to reduce film breaks. When film breaks or releases at the clamp, it requires the operator to reset the machine, causing downtime. If it happens more than once, then the operator may begin adjusting the wrap force setting, resulting in lost containment and higher film costs. The clamp's design holds onto the film, preventing film breaks and it releases at the clamp. The clamp is standard on the co.'s SL automatic stretch wrapper and is a low maintenance item with no pressure or misalignment adjustments required, the co. claims.
Lantech, 800/866-0322.


Drive platform

The Sinamics G110D drive platform is the latest solution in the co.'s Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) portfolio. The drive platform is suitable for installation in close proximity to motors located throughout facilities where dust and water ingression are a concern. The system includes integrated plug-and-play power and control for easier installation and an optional Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) for simple text application setup in a reduced footprint. Applications for this new drive range from material handling or packaging conveyors and airport baggage carousels to pumps, fans, compressors and other industrial equipment.
Siemens, 800/743-6367.



The co.'s Hi-Vi Compact Electromagnetic Feeders feature a totally enclosed patented magnetic drive and can feed practically any bulk material from micron size to bulky chunks, the co. says. The feeders are made with energy-saving features, including the use of energy-free permanent magnets to keep power consumption low. Solid-state controls operate the feeders with high precision while keeping power consumption to a minimum to save energy. Special features, such as multiple drives and enclosed trays or screens, can be designed to provide a solution for a customer's application. A variety of standard and special trays are also available.
Eriez, 888/300-3743.



The co. introduces 26 new IMPACT M-Series color cameras with dedicated color software tools for sorting, monitoring and identifying color objects. The camera models range from economical VGA resolution cameras, to 210-frames/sec. high-speed cameras, to a 5 megapixel high-precision model. The co.'s embedded vision system allows users to perform up to four unique inspections that can be initiated independently, at different times or simultaneously, using a single vision processor. Cost savings are achieved by eliminating the need to purchase multiple systems for separate inspection/guidance programs, the co. claims.
PPT Vision, 952/996-9500.



The co.'s new automated bulk bag unloader system uses a fully integrated, 4-stage material conditioning sequence to prepare a rock-like material for supply to a downstream liquefaction process. The dual, opposing bag hoist design enables high-volume input of material to the first conditioning stage where two, hydraulic de-blocking rams each deliver 28,000-lbs of direct material force. Next, dual hydraulic massage paddles, each with 2,200 lbs of paddle pressure, further reduce material to chunk sizes. A bag spout valve, with 1,000 lbs of material break-up force and capable of breaking up a static column of material, then reduces the material for supply to the final stage where a high-capacity, size reduction crumbler breaks material into .25-in. pieces for conveying downstream.
National Bulk Equipment Inc., 616/399-2220.



The ControlLogix L73 and L75 programmable automation controllers (PACs) provide advanced memory, speed and processing capabilities for a range of control demands, from high-performance logic and motion to information-intensive process applications. For complex, high-performance motion applications, the controllers interface seamlessly with motion drives through EtherNet/IP and SERCOS network interfaces and are capable of supporting as many as 100 axes, the co. claims. They feature an on-board display to provide enhanced controller diagnostics and run-time information. The co. also releases the L43S and L45S Compact GuardLogix programmable automation controllers to provide machine builders and manufacturers with integrated safety, motion, discrete and drive control capabilities in a single controller for midrange applications.
Rockwell Automation, 414/382-2000.


Carton closer

The co. has been awarded a U.S. patent for its new Intelligent Positioning Technology for carton closing. The positioning technology is able to electronically analyze each carton for alignment and, if a deviation is detected, the technology can make the precise correction on an individual carton basis at speeds up to 150 cartons/min. The positioning technology also reduces the number of parts and the machinery footprint, the co. claims.
Delkor Systems, 800/328-5558.



The Quattro s800H robot expands high-throughput capabilities towards applications with larger workspace requirements. The parallel robot is specifically designed for high-speed applications in packaging, manufacturing, assembly and material handling, boasting a 1,600-mm work envelope. The robot's larger work envelope makes it a suitable overhead-mount robot when smooth motion, high-throughput and the ability to reach a large workspace are critical for project success, the co. states. The four-arm design reduces power consumption and the robot is powered by ultra-compact controls and embedded amplifiers, which reduces cycle times and improves footprint efficiency, the co. says.
Adept Technology Inc., 925/245-3400.



Horizon, a horizontal-motion conveyor, features a maintenance-free mechanical drive that offers gentle, quiet and sanitary horizontal-motion conveying, the co. states. The conveyor is suitable for many fragile, seasoned, coated and frozen food products. Its drive is capable of moving product at speeds up to 42-ft/min. on a single continuous conveyor up to 100-ft. long. The conveyor features a mechanical drive that maximizes reliability and offers long equipment life with minimal maintenance while the lube-for-life drive provides trouble-free operation and can be used with different pans to keep running year after year, delivering a low cost of ownership, the co. claims.
Key Technology Inc., 509/529-2161.


Bottle inspection

The OptiCheck vision-based inspection and measurement system is designed to address critical issues common to plastic bottle production. The system addresses the day-to-day variations in the production of plastic containers with the versatility to deal with frequent product changeovers, color changes and limited line space. The system is designed specifically for bottle measurement, inspection applications and the process control needs of the plastic container industry, as it features illumination and imaging optimized for bottle inspection.
Agr Intl. Inc., 724/482-2163.



Stretch hooding

The co.'s stretch hooding systems feature control technology, modular design and optimized packaging film handling, the co. states. The advantages of stretch hooding include: increased load stability from the combination of vertical and horizontal film forces, protection of the goods from theft, precise budgeting due to exact film consumption, printable film and speeds up to 170-pallets/hr. The system is well-suited for AGV or automated high-rack systems, the co. says.
Beumer, + 49 2521 24381.



The C-more Micro-Graphic family of operator interfaces now offers a 4-in. TFT color touchscreen HMI panel. The panel features a 320- by 240-dot display while 32,768 colors provide clear and colorful graphics for vibrant and intuitive screens, the co. says. The free programming software offers the choice of using built-in objects or importing custom graphics. The user can create and save custom objects and graphics to software libraries for fast and easy access from multiple projects. The 4-in. touch panel is equipped with a standard Type B USB programming port, a serial communications port which supports the most popular PLC drivers and five durable function keys with LED indicators. The unit offers 3.2-kB memory, LED backlight, multistate bitmap support and Windows font support.
AutomationDirect, 800/633-0405.


Right angle gearbox

The co.'s SL, RL and FL right angle gearbox family consists of a 1:1 spiral bevel input module and a precision planetary output stage to develop ratios from 3:1 up to 100:1. The proprietary gear technology is designed for demanding applications in packaging, conveying, food processing, printing/converting, machine tool and industrial automation. Available in four frame sizes with output torque ranging from 6- up to 100-Nm and backlash as low as 12-arc/min, the gearbox is easily mounted to any NEMA or Metric/IEC servo or stepper motor.
Onvio, 866/685-0404.


Bottle detector

The new SmartEye RetroSmart Sensor is designed to detect clear or shiny objects at 100-microseconds response time. The bottle detector is able to process clear or translucent, full or empty PET bottles and containers, without false signals or chattering. The system can process shiny metal containers without proxing and clear webs of plastic material or shrink wrap, the co. states.
Tri-Tronics Co. Inc., 800/237-0956.


Servo drive

The RSD rotary servo drive is designed to meet customers' exacting requirements for precise control, efficiency and flexibility, the co. states. The zero-backlash, cam-actuated drive can be used with both rotary and linear systems for accurate, smooth motions even at high speeds or with rapid speed changes. The new drive offers the flexibility to handle applications that involve uneven motion or displacement, change in direction or different products running on the same machine. The servo drive features a large output mounting surface for high loads and a large thru hole to accommodate accessory lines such as electrical wiring and air or hydraulic lines.
DE-STA-CO, 248/836-6700.



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