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New Equipment, June 2013New Equipment, June 2013

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New Equipment, June 2013


Adhesive applicator The new EconoDot is a bench-top adhesive dispenser for packing, printing, fulfillment or manufacturing projects on a budget. The turnkey solution requires little downtime. Rolls hold up to 8,000 Glue Dots, and once the machine has been threaded, the user only needs to turn on the power. The clean, instant-bonding adhesives advance when the operator's hand or the product to which they're applying the adhesive, covers then uncovers the photo-sensing eyebeam. No programming is required, and the dots can dispense at up to 60 patterns per minute.
Glue Dots, 877-512-8086


Shrink and seal The VS1620 Combo Unit is a new solution for manually sealing and shrinking a variety of products. It combines an L-sealer and shrink tunnel on a common frame with one power source allowing for quick setup, perfect alignment and consistent product sealing. A common base with casters makes this a very portable system for transportation within the plant. The unit is designed for a variety of applications with a seal size of 16 x 20-in. and will seal most polyolefin, polyethylene and PVC shrink films.
Eastey Enterprises, 800-835-9344


Expanded encoding The Koyo series medium duty encoders now includes include high PPR models, available in Totem Pole (push-pull) or line driver (differential) configurations. The encoders feature a 50-mm diameter body with a 35-mm depth, and models are constructed with an 8-mm diameter solid or hollow shaft and offer incremental resolutions of 3,000, 3,600, or 5,000 PPR. The encoders are also fitted with a 2-meter cable with tinned ends and are available with either 5 VDC or 5 to 30 VDC inputs. The high-PPR encoders provide up to 200 kHz response frequency.
AutomationDirect, 800-633-0405



Long-lasting print head The VX12 print head offers speeds, ink types and capabilities to handle a wide variety of coding applications. Designed for both case coding and primary product marking, the VX12 produces a compact code with sharp definition. The print head is made from a durable, sealed aluminum extrusion, and the system is capable of running up to four print heads at any angle from the same color touch screen controller. Print height is up to ½-in, including two lines of stacked print and print speeds up to 650-ft per minute. The single head system can be expanded when printing is required on both sides of the product, and it includes a number of single and bold version fonts: 5, 7, 9 and 12 dots. Porous and nonporous inks are available for this system in a canister or in bulk form.
FoxJet, 800-369-5384


Robot technology The new Gemini 4 is a Delta robot hardware platform and software controller. It features a streamlined design to help increase acceleration and pick rates, enabling manufacturers to enhance accuracy and raise their production line speeds by up to 25 percent depending on the product, the company says. Offering gentle product handling, process reliability and quality, the machine's HMI can store instructions for the production of multiple products.
Bosch, 715-246-6511


X-ray inspection systems HD and DualX technology installed in DualX X-Ray and Pipe-Type X-ray inspection systems aid in bone detection technology, detecting smaller poultry bones, including lower density fan bones. The systems feature easy set-up, system maintenance and overall system operation. The high speed DualX X-ray inspection system uses two X-ray energy signals to simultaneously distinguish between the product and the contaminants and detects calcified bone fragments as small as 2.0-mm. Glass, stone, rubber and metal can be detected as small as 0.7-mm. The Pipe-Type X-ray inspection system heightens contaminant detection in pumpable products like fluids and semi-solid products flowing in a pipe (like poultry trim and first-grind meat) and can process over 16,000-lbs of product
per hour.
Anritsu, 866-200-5276


Cabinet U-handles The EN 628.4 Cabinet U-handles with power switching function are now available in metric sizes. These RoHS compliant U-handles feature a push button that allows two switching positions and the status is displayed by two LEDs-red or green. The handles are ergonomic with an arched shape and rounded cross section. They are made of technopolymer plastic with a dark gray matte finish, and the cover cap is plastic with black matte finish.
JW Winco, 800-877-8351



Sachet machine The Beta 500 intermittent-motion automatic sachet machine is made completely of aluminum and stainless steel, and features dosers for powders, granules, pastes, liquids and wet wipes. Particularly suitable for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, the system can perform form-fill-seal operations at speeds up to 800 sachets per minute, depending on the type of product, features of the wrapping material and number of lanes in operation.

MG America, 866-962-3090




Case packer The Bestpocket features a clean and compact design and offers the operator a full view of the production flow, ensuring complete monitoring of its operation and complete access to the production area, which results in quick changeover and cleaning. The packer also features an innovative case pick up and forming system, which makes the case-packing process fast, straightforward and effective.
Marchesini Group, 973-575-7445


New tracking equipment The PCE Datamatrix station DMS XMV marking and verification system is a complete serialization solution that adds track and trace capabilities to existing or new production lines. Needing only 800-mm of floor space, the system combines ink-jet printing of codes with immediate machine high-resolution vision verification of the codes, and can be integrated into any production line with minimal re-engineering of the line configuration. The system offers the available option of detecting whether the box has open flaps or is not correctly aligned, in order to protect the printer head and downstream bundle packaging equipment.
Mettler Toledo PCE, 800-447-4439


Upgraded palletizers Improved VPS software has been upgraded to enable pallet patterns to be changed in real-time without out stopping production and with minimal effort required of employees or the robotic palletizers. In addition, the VTP palletizers now operate up to 40 percent faster with the same flexibility and gentle product handling. Pallet patterns are built with the graphic user interface in the PC and users simply input package sizes and number of cases on a pallet. The software then displays the cases on the screen and users can arrange them as necessary and assign the pallet to start that pattern. With no interruption, the selected pallet automatically starts the new pallet pattern. VPS allows for an infinite number of flips or patterns for greater productivity and load integrity.
ITW Warehouse Automation, 828-654-7500


Case sealer with packing station The PaQ-N-Seal automatic case sealer with packing station is designed for operations that require manual packing due to low-volume or offline products. This machine is a 102-inch side belt drive top and bottom case sealer with a fixed packing station. The packing station, which is located on the infeed end, is an extended platform on which a case is set up. An operator folds the bottom minor flaps and then places the case on the platform. The erected case is then filled with product and the operator then readies the case to be sealed. Once the trailing minor is folded down, the case is assisted into extended side belts and a button is pressed to signal the machine to start the side belts. The case is then driven through allowing the remaining flaps to be folded and is sealed top and bottom and ready for shipping.

Marq Packaging Systems, 800-998-4301,




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