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New Equipment, May 2013

Label matrix removal
The new FX1000 Matrix Removal System is used in conjunction with the CX1000 color label printer and a number of other digital label production systems. The machine automates waste label matrix removal, slitting and rewinding to finished rolls and expedites color label roll preparation.
Primera, 800-797-2772, www.primeralabel.com

Heavy-duty cartoner
The Heavy Duty Linear Servopack (HD-LSP) autoload cartoner can handle bars, flow-wrap packages and sachets. The machine can handle more than 350 products per minute. It incorporates the patent-pending Sure-Load carton closing system; a rail system that keeps products from falling out of the carton during the closing operation. HD-LSP features an infeed system that offers quick changeover for different pack patterns, accurate feedback and diagnostics and a high packing speed, according to the manufacturer. The cartoner also features a SUBO end-of-arm tool to pick multiple products from buckets and groups and expands to distribute the product layer on the specified pitch.
AFA Systems Inc., 905-456-8700, www.afasystemsinc.com

Checkweigher/metal detector
This combination checkweigher and metal detector provides an all-in-one system, integrating the SSV series checkweigher and dual-wave series metal detector, and providing safety compliance in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The Economy series offers 10 models, with versatility that can checkweigh and detect metals in anything from large cartons to canned products. The SSV-i series is available in eight waterproof and dustproof machine configurations. Designed for protein-based foods, this washdown combination checkweigher and detection system's design allows for sanitary control due to the system's contact with unpackaged fresh food, such as fish, poultry and other meat products. Finally, for high rate and high accuracy, the SSVh series offers models that are suitable for pharmaceutical and high-speed lines.
Anritsu, 866-200-5276, www.detectionperfection.com

Tray sealers

The QX-1100 Flex tray sealers include a split dual-lane model that takes up 50 percent less floor space than two single-lane machines. The sealers can deliver up to 15 cycles per minute, and each lane can operate independently with different trays and speeds. Operators use automatic and quick-release features to change trays, film and sealing tools. No-tools removal of belts and conveyors allows fast, comprehensive washdowns and hygienic operation. The film reel is double the normal size for longer production runs, and individual sealing heads automatically disable in the event of knife or heater issues, while the tray feed automatically adjusts to keep production running.
Heat and Control, 800-227-5980, www.heatandcontrol.com



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