New packaging equipment

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New packaging equipment

Dynamelt The Dynamelt S adhesive supply unit features the company's melt-on-demand system for operating efficiency, long-term reliability and sustainability in adhesive supply units. Ideal for food, beverage and many other packaging applications, the system comes in a compact and flexible footprint for easy integration into OEM equipment and existing lines.
ITW Dynatec, 800-966-6358.

Printing press The sheet-fed HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press offers a 29.5x20.9-in. format size compatible with existing offset printing presses used for mainstream folding carton applications. The press offers the company's Indigo print quality with up to seven-color printing on carton stocks up to 600 microns thick. The press can run up to 4,600 sheets/hr in its enhanced productivity mode and 3,450 sheets/hr in regular four-color process printing.

Hewlett-Packard, 866-312-8943.

Printers The new H-Series printers have multiple interfaces for every application. Fast USB 2.0 is standard on the H-400 and H-600E Series printers for high-speed data transfer from Windows PC, Apple Mac, Linux or Unix system to an H-Series Printer. With a high data transfer rate, data can be transferred to the printers in cases where graphics or TrueType fonts will be used, or where each label is different. Parallel and RS232 Serial are also included, as well as the standard Ethernet Adaptor to print to the H-400E/H-600E from anywhere in the world, the company states.
Tharo Systems, Inc., 800-878-6833.

Dimensional inspection The CI-Vision Dynamic Dimensional Precision Instrument System performs dynamic and precision measurements that offer six-sigma measurement repeatability. The system uses multiple cameras and sophisticated proprietary software to complete inspections simultaneously. The system features quick changeover for new product inspection while changeover from a 25- to a 250-oz bottle simply involves selecting the proper part from the system library using a touch screen. The system then moves conveyors, cameras and lights to predetermined optimum positions.
Mettler Toledo, 800-638-8537.

Auto scales Autoweigher linear scales are available in 1- or 9-quart models and with 1, 2 or 3 pans for increased accuracy. The product is fed automatically from the hopper along a vibrating pan into the weigh bucket below; when the target weight is reached, product is released through a funnel into a container or bag below. Operating at speeds up to 15 cpm in automatic or semi-automatic mode, the tool-less disassembly of the hopper, weigh bucket and funnel minimize downtime when cleaning or changing product.
Weighpack Systems Inc., 888-934-4472.

Case packer The AR Series Robotic Case Packer is designed for packing bags, bottles, cases, cans, bundles, etc. into boxes or any other rigid container. It features simple operation with no flap holder needed thanks to robotic motion. Robotic case packers can also use single or dual robots, depending on the scale of production. With its integrated vision, the case packers can pick up different kinds of products (multi-pick) and randomly-oriented items before packing them into cases or any other rigid container.
Premier Tech Systems, 418-868-8324.

Printer The new SQ/2 printing system consists of a user-friendly input device, system controller and the option of selecting a unit with one or two printheads. The printer uses the company's patented micro-channeling technology to eliminate the need for incorporating a costly array of fluid valves. Ink simply is distributed through a series of channels, keeping production and maintenance costs to a minimum. Customers can choose from three different print sizes: 20.0-, 12.7- or 9.53-mm character height.
Squid Ink, 800-877-5658.

Servo motor The AM8800 supplements the dynamic servomotors with single cable technology from the company's new AM8000 servo motor series with a resilient, stainless steel finished version. The stainless steel motors are implemented completely in a food-grade design; they can be used in extremely harsh or corrosive environments and are suitable for use in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries. All motors from the series need only one motor cable instead of the usual two. The otherwise necessary feedback cable is eliminated, since the encoder information is transmitted digitally via two cores of the motor cable. The single-cable feedback technology leads to a clear material savings and reduces installation and engineering expenditures, the company states.
Beckhoff Automation, 952-890-0000.

Case packer The Model GTL30 vertical case packer features unit maintenance and cleaning that is greatly facilitated thanks to its cantilever (balcony) type design. The case packer's design guarantees efficient case opening, erection and handling and its electronic technology incorporates the use of brushless motors for the main machine movements. Compressed air system is used only for the secondary movements.
MG America, 973-808-8185.

Chuck capper The Inline Secure Chuck Capper with Servo Feed-Screw offers high output with fewer parts to change and no adjustments. As the container moves downstream, the servo feedscrew stabilizes the container and drives it through the pre-cap and torquing stations. With each function monitored by servo, every component moves within a fraction of a second, allowing for high-speed capping without torque errors. The equipment is ideal for all cap types from CR to metal caps and can manage even the most complicated cap shapes and diameters. The capper features less than 0.03-percent reject.
BellatRx, 514-630-0939.

Palletizers The PalletPack 460, a pre-engineered package of robotic palletizing components featuring the new IRB 460 robot, is designed specifically for high-speed, end-of-line palletizing. The packaged configuration offers integrated hardware with full documentation, reducing overall project costs and engineering set-up time. It will allow integrators to more easily specify and design palletizing systems and reduce the barriers for end-users to realize the benefits of robotic palletizing automation. The palletizer is available for either high-speed bag palletizing or compact end-of-line case palletizing.
ABB Robotics,

Case packer The Model 800 case packer can accommodate shrink-wrapped single-serve multi-packs of breakfast cereal. This case packer provides automatic product accumulation, case erecting, packing and sealing in one machine up to 25 cases/min and offers many variations in packing patterns and product feeds. It incorporates features for gentle product handling to eliminate scuffed overwraps or damaged graphics. Each product load is stacked in a specially designed accumulation section that is tailored for the product. After accumulation, the entire load is transferred through collapsible funnel gates that open into the erected case, for smooth product transfer that maintains maximum package integrity, the company states.

A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 800-237-5975.

Labeling system The S150 fully automatic labeling system applies paper and clear self-adhesive labels to a wide range of products including cylindrical, rectangular or square containers in glass, plastic, metal or composite materials, with outputs up to 150 cpm. The exhibition system will be fitted with label overprint, label ID code inspection and a PCE vision inspection system. The vision system will generate serialized production codes from a demonstration database and transfer these codes into the coding unit together with 2D datamatrix codes and expiry information which will then be printing onto the label for verification. Both the coder and vision system will be operated from a common HMI.
Newman Labelling Systems, 609-597-8722.

Controller The new generation of Simotion D445-2 multi-axis controllers features onboard Profinet interfaces, high-speed I/O, and the ability for a single controller to support up to 128 axes of motion. The Simotion D drive-based multi-axis control system offers PLC, motion control and advanced technology functions, as well as an integrated drive control based upon the company's Sinamics S120 drives.
Siemens, 800-879-8079.

Cartoner The Promatic P91 Intermittent Motion Cartoner features patented carton pick-up and positive opening systems. Fully GMP compliant, the balcony-designed cartoner affords high accessibility, easy cleaning and reduced risk of contamination. Most of the cartoner's movements are performed by servo motors and electronic cams, allowing for smooth handling of a wide variety of products. Product transfer is realized by timing belts and pulleys, eliminating the need for chains and mechanical gears, the company states.
Romaco, 973-808-8185.


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