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Packaging materials: Frosted PET bottlesPackaging materials: Frosted PET bottles

David Bellm

March 11, 2015

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Packaging materials: Frosted PET bottles
Frosted PET bottles

Frosted PET bottles

Frosted PET bottles

The co.’s master batch creates a frosted glass look in molded PET bottles to eliminate the need for painting. The co.’s new masterbatch eliminates the added painting step, which reduces time to market and cost by letting processors create a frosted look  using the co.’s color concentrate at the machine. In terms of processing, it works well in sheet extrusion and allows for frosted thermoformed containers. This product can also be formulated with the co.’s new, proprietary PET binder system that does not require pre-drying yet still preserves the intrinsic viscosity of the PET resin. This allows the processors greater freedom and flexibility to retrieve color concentrates from the warehouse and immediately use on a machine with a feeder, the co. states.

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