Poll suggests lack of awareness for cobots in packaging

Rick Lingle in Automation on February 22, 2016

60% of those taking our Cobots in Packaging Poll noted that they are unfamiliar with collaborative robots.


Seeing more robotics at industry tradeshows over the past many years has dovetailed with the emergence and regular appearance of collaborative robots, or cobots, over about the last two years at such venues. I assumed these sightings meant others were seeing them with the same regularity as I, a fact that would be reflected by an increased awareness of cobots throughout the packaging industry.

That misplaced assumption hit home upon reviewing the preliminary results to our on-going Cobots in Packaging Poll, especially Question 1 that asked, “Are you familiar with collaborative robots, or cobots?” As of last week, that was answered to the affirmative by a “tidy” 40% of our poll takers. The other side of the coin is that, obviously, 60% do not, as is shown on the above chart that split the answer between an assured “No” and a less assured “Not sure.”

If that figure does not surprise you, it certainly did me.

Are there other surprises to be revealed in our poll? Stay tuned: We’ll disclose more findings after the close of the poll at the end of next week that will also reference other questions that were posed; these include:

Are you currently using any cobots in your packaging operations or plan to in 2016?;

What advice do you have about using cobots in packaging?

And, lastly, How do you feel about cobots? With the latter we were expecting to flesh out qualitative aspects such as would you be comfortable working alongside a cobot? Or do you think they threaten the jobs of human workers? As a preview, I found the answers to this particular question to be the most interesting and diverse; we’ll be sharing many of them in our overview and analysis in several weeks.

In any event, if you have not yet taken this quick 5-minute anonymous poll, please do so by clicking here, we’d appreciate your input!



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