Advanced monitoring and control improves product quality and security

Rick Lingle in Automation on August 11, 2014

Call it the X factor: ProdX advanced connectivity data management software system offers centralized production line monitoring and control for product and packaging inspection equipment.


ProdX is an advanced connectivity software program that allows centralized monitoring, control and data documentation for Mettler Toledo checkweighers, metal detectors and x-ray systems, whether operating in one location or in multiple facilities.


Key features:


Product Quality – The ProdX dashboard enables management to receive in one central location critical early warning alerts about key situations affecting Product Quality such as serial automatic product rejections and machinery maintenance requests­­.


Security – Changes to product set-ups on multiple product inspection devices at one or more plant sites can be carried out simultaneously, reducing the likelihood of unforeseen human error and ensures management keep product data secure.


Productivity – Multiple product inspection devices can be integrated into a central monitoring system that can be monitored from multiple locations.


Sophisticated simplicity - The user interface features color-coded machine icons that provides at-a-glance device status and health.



Standardized reporting meets the requirements of HACCP-based food safety programs. If any issues arise, the ProdX program will immediately alert you to them.


Production uptime is further enhanced with the rejects and event monitoring screens and their associated reports. By receiving detailed information in real time, users of ProdX can avert potential downtime events and product waste, manage production processes proactively and better utilize valuable maintenance and production personnel.



The Mettler Toledo Product Inspection Group, a division of Mettler-Toledo Inc., consists of CI-Vision, Hi-Speed and Safeline.


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