Reduce material and labor costs with automatic sheeter

Kari Embree in Automation on July 23, 2014

The compact automatic sheeter for slip sheets from AZCO Corp. reduces cost by 20% as opposed to using pre-cut sheets. Materials such as corrugated, kraft, plastic, or anti-slip paper can be accomodated without any changeover.The roll is located outside of the safety cage allowing for optimal safety and increased throughput is attained, since the process is continuous upon replacing each new roll.

 The TS-54 slip sheet inserter is easy to use and can be outfitted into any robotic palletized system with zero integration needed. Plug directly into 110vac and 40psi air supply. Once a sheet has been removed, the unit will automatically swap the sheet with another. The slip sheet can then be used to provide stabilization of boxes, bags, cartons, glass or plastic packaging.

Available options include slitter station, eye registration, no product sensor, low product sensor and static eliminator.



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