Kari Embree

March 11, 2015

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Robotic arms have soft touch
Universal Robotics



Universal Robotics



At PACK EXPO Las Vegas, September 23-25, Universal Robots showcased how robot arms use advanced force control to handle even the most fragile and delicate items.


Ed Mullen, national sales manager with Universal Robots USA Inc., explains how the force control feature is unique for this type of collaborative robot:


"Though the robot is simple to operate and deploy, it comes with very advanced features that allow the end user to automate manual tasks previously not possible due to the exact amount of force exertion needed in the application," says Ed Mullen, national sales manager.


"This makes the UR robots an optimal choice for companies looking for packaging and palletizing solutions for items that require very specific handling." 

Various types and sizes of bottles are handled by the flexible robot that can quickly be reprogrammed for new tasks.


The collaborative robots' innovative force- sensing technology enables the robot to automatically stop operating if it comes into contact with an employee. Of almost 2,000 Universal Robots sold worldwide, 80 percent of these operate with no safety guard.






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