Static locator

March 11, 2015

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Static locator

The 983v2 static locator is a pocket-sized device that provides an accurate measurement of static electrical charges over a wide range of voltages. This new locator has been developed for use by production, maintenance, inspection and quality engineers and its innovative design means that it is suitable for use on any material where static is an issue, the Co. states. The locator features a 'continuous' mode that can easily measure fluctuation in charge levels, while the highest charge can be detected with the 'peak hold' mode enabled. With an integral distance meter, a clear indication of the correct operating range is given and this means that all readings will be both accurate and consistent. Measurement range of the new locator is -200 to +200 kV at a distance of 150-mm, with a resolution of 100V and an accuracy of better than +/- 5 percent on calibration.

Meech Static Eliminators USA, Inc., 330/564-2000.

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