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Submersible pressure transmitterSubmersible pressure transmitter

David Bellm

March 11, 2015

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Submersible pressure transmitter
submersible pressure transmitter, Turck, packaging equipment, automation

submersible pressure transmitter, Turck, packaging equipment, automation

Turck submersible pressure transmitter

TURCK’s PT4500 and PT4510 submersible pressure transmitters are optimized for detecting the level of water or other media with similar density in challenging industrial environments, says the company. TURCK's PT4510 submersible pressure transmitter is designed for low-level applications of up to 400 inches, while the PT4500 is available in ranges up to 100 psig. To deliver accurate level detection, a transmitter is placed at the bottom of the tank holding the liquid, and the transmitter then converts the pressure reading to an analog 4-20 mA output signal. The electrical connection to the transmitter is routed through the top of the tank and contains power and signal wires. It additionally includes a breathing tube that is used as a reference port to determine the atmospheric pressure outside of the tank.

TURCK Inc., 800-544-7769, www.turck.us

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