Top 9 packaging automation developments of 2015

Rick Lingle in Automation on December 08, 2015

Robots, cobots, smart sensors, baggers, inspection systems and more topped the list of the most-read machinery and automation articles of the year at


Judging by the advancements we’ve reported on in 2015, it’s been quite a year in packaging machinery and automation. It was definitely a numbers game, and we don’t mean only from website metrics, though that was our determinant metric for this list. Notably, all but one of these best-read automation articles had a number in the headline to reflect 4, 5, 6 or 9 of something, though it turned out that that 13 was the most popular number of them all. We present our listing in reverse order, starting with #9.  



Filling machines—the core of most packaging lines—usually set the pace and character of a packaging operation. Modular designs in recent years have added some flexibility, and boosted delivery lead times. But a new concept in how fillers are built may upend how bottle liquid filling systems contribute to elite packaging operations:  hybrid systems integrated with robotics for accuracy and flexibility (shown above). Read more about it here.


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