Wonderware Introduces New Packaging Industry Software

March 11, 2015

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Wonderware Introduces New Packaging Industry Software

Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys, today announced the release of Wonderware Industry Application for Packaging, targeting the unique needs of packaging operations in the food and beverage and consumer goods industry markets.

The Industry Application for Packaging delivers integrated, real-time monitoring, control and performance measurement of packaging operations. This new application has been developed to address today's critical business objectives such as maintaining stringent product quality, adhering to safety and regulatory requirements and enforcing waste management practices. It helps minimize materials and energy consumption and assists in establishing best manufacturing practices.

By leveraging the ArchestrA software architecture inside the Wonderware System Platform , the Industry Application for Packaging provides packaging operations with a common solution that can scale from a single line up to an enterprise-wide deployment.

In addition, timely reporting of yields, events, alarms and performance is achieved through the Wonderware Information Server Web reporting and data visualization component of the Wonderware System Platform. Wonderware Information Server offers report templates that utilize Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services and saves time when creating and distributing packaging reports.

"The Industry Application for Packaging delivers a prepackaged set of functionalities that meet the unique needs of operators, planners, supervisors and industry analysts across a wide range of industries that rely on flexible and efficient packaging operations," said Kelly Kunkle, marketing manager for Wonderware. "The Industry Application for Packaging utilizes features of key Wonderware products including System Platform, InTouch , Historian and Performance Software .

This combination of products and application capabilities offers packaging operations managers the ability to standardize on their development and operational best practices to save time and costs, and to enhance decision-making capabilities at all levels in the enterprise."

Wonderware built the Industry Application for Packaging based on its extensive experience with food and beverage and other consumer goods companies. There are more than 40,000 food and beverage and other consumer industry users of Wonderware software solutions.

"The Wonderware Industry Application for Packaging brings two significant advantages to the consumer goods industry," said Michael Grasley, consulting director for ASECO Integrated Systems, a Wonderware Endorsed Systems Integrator Partner . "We can rapidly deploy the Industry Application for Packaging and demonstrate to customers that significant opportunities for improvements exist on their shop floor.

"Second, it demonstrates that the Wonderware software has significant, broadly applicable functionality that brings tangible benefits to the customer. ASECO believes that the Industry Application for Packaging is an important tool for shortening the whole customer engagement cycle, helping to reduce risk, decreasing time to benefit and driving increased ROI."

 Source: Wonderware

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