Insulated packaging provides a cooler BIB option

By Rick Lingle in Bag-in-Box on August 10, 2017

The patented, insulated bag-in-box packaging called Freez-BIB opens up convenient new options for brands and consumers.


LGR Packaging, Cedex, France, has developed the Freez-BIB, a new bag-in-box concept for consumers who want to enjoy their beverages chilled away from home. The company has integrated a cooling system—essentially an ice cooler—into the box, which allows consumers to keep the beverage chilled for more than two hours after removing it from the refrigerator. The insulated portion of the BIB can be integrated into the packaging or provided as an optional add-on.

Packaging Digest connected with Claudine Poncet, LGR Packaging marketing manager, who responds to our questions about this patented innovation and other innovations including the Easy-Recycling BIB  and the Smart Tap BIB.


When and into what markets was the Freez-BIB introduced?

Poncet: The Freez-BIB has been launched in May, presented by LGR for the first time at interpack. This bag-in-box can be produced in LGR’s plants dedicated to litho-printed laminated boxes and delivered throughout Europe, Middle-East, Africa and more. We have two plants in France, one in Turkey and one in Poland.  


What’s the status?

Poncet: Some customers are planning to test it, with the aim to propose it for summer 2018. This packaging concept is particularly interesting for promotional campaigns. The primary interest is in applications where the drink is to be kept colder longer for suggested products such as rosé wine, white wine and fruit juice.


What are the packaging components?

Poncet: Box, product bag, insulation, carrying strap and dispenser valve. The Freez-BIB is a taller bag-in-box with a precut opening at the bottom to insert the ice cooler below the bag. This bag-in-box can be mechanized in production similar to a standard bag-in-box.


What is the nature of the insulating portion?

Poncet: The idea is that the customer sells the bag-in-box in retail with the (eventually customized) ice cooler. The consumer places the ice cooler in his freezer, and when he takes his bag-in-box out of the fridge to go to a summer party or meal with friends, he takes the frozen ice cooler and places it into the bag-in-box.


What options are available?

Poncet: This concept can be adapted to all kinds of dimensions or with distinctive die-cut angles. All printing and finishing options are possible: standard printing, matt/glossy varnish effects, drip-off varnish, soft-touch aspect, hot-foil stamping, metallized materials, etc.

What can you tell us about the Easy Recycling BIB (above)?

Poncet: LGR has developed also another packaging concept to make recycling of bag-in-box easier. We noticed that it is difficult with traditional BIB to open the box once the pouch is empty. To improve that and encourage people to recycle the components of the packaging, we have integrated two tear-tapes in the extreme parts of the box. The consumer can without effort open the box, take out the plastic parts and fold the corrugated elements to put them into a dedicated recycling bin. The second benefit of the product is that it has few consequence on the box design, it can so be easily implemented on existing ranges.


Anything else to note?

Poncet: LGR is particularly innovative with regard to bag-in-box, always thinking about how to make consumer use easier. We have also developed a concept where the tap automatically protrudes from the box when the consumer opens a precut area. We call it the Smart Tap bag-in-box. LGR Packaging is producing 50 million bag-in-box units per year and is one of the European specialists in this market.


For further information, contact LGR Packaging by email [email protected] or visit



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