12 Newfangled Beverage Can Designs

Who’s embracing recyclable aluminum cans for sustainability and new graphic designs that pop? Stalwarts like PepsiCo (twice) and Coors and newcomers like Machu Picchu.

April 11, 2022

12 Slides

Highly recycled aluminum beverage cans have been an industry workhorse for decades for other good reasons including their convenience and light weight.

Notably, metal’s surface provides a high-resolution canvas for graphics that pop for pop, beer, energy drinks, RTD cocktails, or other drinks.

With the idea that variety is the spice of life, we’ve assembled an exciting 12-count “variety pack” of beverage cans with interesting new packaging designs.

The virtual multipack offers four diverse beers. For the musically inclined, we’ve included two rock-group-inspired beer-can designs, Imagine Dragons and AC/DC.

Are sports more your thing? We have an atypical Pepsi football (or do you say soccer?) themed can.

For those who prefer their beverages more exotic, there's Machu Picchu energy drink, SouthNorte, Mike’s Hard Freeze, and a holographic can of the first psychedelic water.

Other surprising cans include a Long John Silver’s co-branded beer, an IHOP-inspired soda, and a unique design with the “write stuff” for kids.

Kicking off our slideshow gallery is a brand-new, limited-edition series of cans from Molson Coors.

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