A 5-pack of the year’s best beer packaging

Rick Lingle in Beverage Packaging on December 07, 2015

We dispense for your discernment a quintet of the best-read beer articles in 2015 that center on breakthrough packaging formats and innovative package designs.


While we Americans pride ourselves in being #1 in just about everything, it turns out that the United States is “just” the second leading country in worldwide beer production, with an amount of about 224 million hectoliters. Also, #1 isn’t Germany, which is #4, it’s China. Brazil, by the way, is #3.

Our runner-up role is not from lack of trying: There are 3,464 U.S. breweries—nearly three times Germany’s number—helping provide that volume, with the landslide majority, 98% or 3,418, of those being craft brewers (beer sources: Statistica.com, CraftBeer.com and WorldAtlas.com).

We conduct our own almost-end-of-year beer statistics here at PackagingDigest.com, too, where an assessment revealed the top articles that headed the beer packaging category in 2015. We present those in reverse order in this proprietary and rare 5-pack format.



If there’s any month that’s associated with beer, it would be one that’s two months past—and that’s coincidentally when our special report on Octoberfest and related seasonal packaging appeared. It features a rainbow pack of designs and varieties from a literal new angle on multipack design for limited release brew from Leinenkugel’s, a darkly spooky Pumpkin Stout with a jagged-edge carrier and a whole lot more. You’ll find the season’s colorful array of offerings in Beer packaging celebrates Octoberfest with colorful diversity.


Served next: An at-home beer appliance tailored to pouches.


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