Champagne bottles dress up for the holidays

Lisa Pierce in Beverage Packaging on November 22, 2016

With the recent cooler weather, jackets have come out of the closet—now even for champagne bottles. An elaborate zippered sleeve on champagne bottles offers a trio of benefits: gains attention in the store; keeps the bubbly cold; and provides a convenient carrying handle.

The jacket covers regularly labeled 750-milliliter champagne bottles from Veuve Clicquot, a brand from the Moët Hennessy Group. The main advantage is that the padded fabric keeps a chilled bottle cold for up to two hours.

Unusual secondary packaging is a standard fare for the Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label collection, with an arrow-shaped metal case, a handled shopping bag and a reclosable trunk among the designs. This latest entry continues the brand’s bright color scheme on the ice-cooler sleeve, which definitely catches the eye from far away—especially a bulk display (see photo above).

Branding on the outer coat includes a front label encased in a sewn-on windowed pocket, along with a tag hanging from the neck that explains how the sleeve keeps the beverage cold outside of a refrigerator or ice bucket.

A sewn-on handle (leather or imitation leather) makes it easy to carry one—or more!—bottles.

Consumers access the bottle by unsnapping a top strap, unzipping the jacket and slipping it off.

Similarly, sister brand Moët & Chandon was decked out in a zippered jacket design of its own.

At a Chicago-area Jewel supermarket, bottles originally priced at $56.99 were on sale for Thanksgiving for $44.99, with a further 10% discount ($40.49 each) for volume buys of six bottles or more.




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