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Chilling Rocks pouched water springs into Florida markets

Article-Chilling Rocks pouched water springs into Florida markets

Chilling Rocks pouched water springs into Florida markets
Chilling Rocks

Chilling RocksChilling Rocks natural spring water in a stand-up pouch has a foundation built on a packaging-savvy lineage of flexible packaging innovation. Product manager Sandy Christensen is the daughter of Charles R. Murray, founder and CEO of PPI (PouchPac Innovations) Technologies Group. Chilling Rocks is a brand of the Redi-2-DrinQ BevPaQ LLC, Sarasota, FL, which offers patented pouches for hydration water, fruit juice and fortified water as well as nutraceutical products. It is one of the four groups of the Redi-2-DrinQ Group, which also owned by the Murray family.

"The easy-to-grasp flexible pouch with the choke-proof cap fits handily into cup holders, brief cases, school backpacks," states Christensen. "Children love the water pouch, and the drip-proof fitment with membrane is perfect for back packs-and no more wet homework! The pouch is also eco-friendly with a lower carbon dioxide footprint when compared to traditional rigid containers." 

Christensen says the pouched water is a kid- and adult friendly format for all ages as a healthy alternative to soda and for occasions or venues where bottled water is not practical. She was inspired to develop the ultra-convenient, easy-to-use packaging format by her mother's battle with ALS and subsequent challenges with common tasks such as opening a water bottle. The pouches also represent an alternative to concerns for bisphenol-A (BPA) in rigid plastic containers.

Packaging particulars

Supplied by FlexSource, the premade 16.9oz/500-mL pouch has a structure of reverse-printed polyester/nylon/linear-low-density polyethylene. It is packed by R-2-D BevShot at the WaterBoy facility using a PPI Model PSG Ace pouch machine that operates at rates to 60 pouches per minute.

Copy on the pouch back panel notes that the pouch uses less material than "plastic PET bottles" and claims the packaging offers "Longer shelf life with no toxic leaching and no BPA." In fact, the freezable stand-up pouch uses 95 percent less polymer than a PET bottle.

Notable is the reclosable, twist-off, easy-grip triangular closure and patented fitment from PPiTG that is injection-molded with breathing holes to prevent the blockage of air in the event to it is ever ingested by a child. The self-sealing, no-drip spout works after the cap is removed; the pouch must be squeezed to dispense the water.

The product's name came from Murray who felt it was ideally descriptive of the product: Cool, refreshing and eco-friendly, and with the word Rocks that evokes nature. That is strongly enforced through the pouch graphics design printed on the interior back panel of a rocky north Georgia waterfall that's visible through the pouch front. Christensen credits a local Sarasota amateur photographer, Debbie Reed, who took the photo on a recent visit to Dahlonega, GA, that was deemed perfect for the brand.

The pouch also carries the logo of Earth Charter US and SECAMP (Sustainable & Environmental Conscious Approach to Machine/Pouch making) designation and sports a Quick Response code on the back panel. There's also a printed declaration that the pouch offers a zero carbon dioxide footprint when the pouch is incinerated.

Starting this month, five Walgreens in Florida will be carrying the product after a successful market test, Christensen reports. Other users include the Florida Beach Volleyball Conference.

Chilled Rocks is also offered online through The Arris Waters-Division of Agua del Matador LLC  in quantities from a 6-count "Adventure Pack" (for $7.95+ shipping) to a 30-count case to a 1,200-count pallet for $995 plus delivery. The website notes that Chilled Rocks is perfect for outdoor activities and public locations where PET water bottles are banned.

Source: Chilling Rocks Water


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