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FIJI Water debuts custom straw-closure

FIJI Water debuts custom straw-closure
FIJI Water Bottle with straw cap cropped

FIJI Water Bottle with straw cap croppedFIJI Water introduces the FIJI Straw: a fun and fresh way to discover Earth's Finest Water on-the-go. The straw, designed with the savvy consumer in mind, is reusable, dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Due to the overwhelming demand following appearances at key special events, including the Screen Actors Guild Awards and New York Fashion Week, the FIJI Straw will be available to all consumers for purchase beginning April 22 on for $9.95 (package of six). Only Earth's Finest Water deserves to be experienced in such a refined way, sipped and savored through an elegant straw.

Designed to enhance the overall FIJI Water experience, this new product was anything but an afterthought. Inspired by the style and lifestyle demands of its loyal fan base, FIJI Water began developing the straw upon noticing several influential FIJI fans in the media using straws to sip the water on red carpets and concert stages. The ultimate goal was to create a product that translates to the everyday needs of all our consumers. Whether on the red carpet, at the beach or in the gym, the FIJI Straw is truly the perfect complement to any lifestyle. Using the straw is simple: swap your original FIJI cap with the new FIJI cap & straw. The reusable straw is already built into a custom-made blue cap, designed for use with the 330ml and 500ml FIJI Water bottles.

"We started to see some of our most loyal and highly visible fans in entertainment using straws to enjoy FIJI Water on stage and on the go," explains David Bowman, vp of marketing, FIJI Water Co. "For us at FIJI, it all starts with the enjoyment of this one of a kind water, and the straw is an obvious means for our fans to savor their FIJI in a way that is consistent with their busy lifestyles."

FIJI Water marked the debut of its latest must-have accessory at exclusive entertainment and fashion events in New York and Los Angeles. From the red carpet at this year's Screen Actors Guild Awards to the front row at some of New York Fashion Week's hottest runway shows, the FIJI Straw has opened to rave reviews among the entertainment, fashion, beauty and lifestyle communities.

Source: FIJI Water

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