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March 11, 2015

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Mineral water brand reflects local heritage
Danone AQUA Reflections


Danone AQUA Reflections


Danone AQUA is the dominant leader in mineral waters in Indonesia. They did not, however, have an entry in the premium, HORECA (hotel,restaurant, catering) segment. Could their AQUA brand, while dominant in the RTD segment, be extended successfully into the premium segment? One strong competitor, EQUIL, was established in this segment as a premium, European styled product.

AQUA's advantages in Indonesia are its deep local heritage, local water source, and commitment to the community. To elevate the brand into a premium segment, we stayed true to their local roots.

Brandimage created "Reflections", a premium representation of the AQUA franchise. A simple, elegant glass bottle was created, and an Indonesian fashion designer, Sebastian Gunawan, designed a unique, culturally relevant graphic of rattan patterns that was applied to the bottle. The result is an emotionally connective sub-brand that
establishes a deep feeling among Indonesians when visiting fine restaurants across the archipelago.

Source: Brandimage


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