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Serac specializes in the design and manufacture of liquid filling and capping machines as well as blow molding equipment.

As an innovator and leading manufacturer of liquid filling and capping machines for all types of food products, home and personal care products and industrial products, Serac is dedicated to providing the best possible solution for your packaging needs.

With the introduction of our blow molding solution, Serac now offers a combination filling and capping machine directly coupled to our new SBL blow molder.  The Serac blow molding machines are designed to produce containers ranging from 50 ml up to 8 liters.  With an output rate ranging from 2,400 to 12,000 bottles per hour, Serac is bringing new opportunities to manufacturers of high-end products as well as those seeking a solution for medium size production runs.

Our latest innovation is the FC Filler Capper featuring an open architecture, easily accessible components and a newly designed filling station.  The new FC Filler Capper builds on our years of industry experience as we designed a machine to help our customers reduce costs for product change-over and maintenance, increase operating efficiencies, and increase production time.

The wide variety of machines developed by Serac allows us to be present in many different fields, which means we will always find a solution for your filling, capping and blow molding needs.  So, whether the requirement is stringent hygiene, extreme filling accuracy, explosion proof configurations, multiple cleaning and container size change-over or any custom requirement … Serac has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done. 

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Blow-Fill-Seal Machinery
We offer high quality container filling, closing equipment and services at a reasonable price. Our products are suitable for food, dairy, and industrial markets.