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By Rick Lingle in Beverage Packaging on July 19, 2016


According to Tripack’s Nick Linz, Burnt City’s shrink-sleeve label is made from PETG film printed on a high-definition flexographic press by Century Label. He also  answers the following questions:


How was the connection made with Burnt City?

Linz: Tripack’s initial communication with Burnt City began while they were doing business as Atlas Brewing. As a start-up brewery, Atlas reached out to Tripack with an initial interest in one of our shrink-sleeve labeling systems to go in-line with its canning equipment.

Atlas eventually became Burnt City and had a very short window to relaunch their new brand. This is where Tripack Craft Can Services were able to provide Burnt City with presleeved cans, at a less-than-truckload quantity, in a turn-around time that got them to market faster than their alternative of purchasing mass volume, preprinted cans from the factory.

What can you say about the sleeving operations?

Linz: Tripack’s operation is based in Cincinnati, a strategic central location, servicing customers across the U.S. including the West Coast. While we’ve been manufacturing shrink sleeve systems since 2003, we’ve been providing specialized contract sleeving services for five years now across various market segments.

We’ve seen massive growth for the contract sleeving over the past three years with craft beer, wine and spirits. We not only provide turnkey sleeve labeled cans in 12/16/32oz sizes, but also smaller 8oz cans for craft wine, coffee, and energy drink customers. In addition to cans, we decorate a great deal of full-size wine bottles and liquor bottles (glass and plastic).

Because of demand since the start of 2016, we have been operating at double shifts, 5 days a week. As a manufacturer of shrink sleeve labeling systems, we have the unique advantage as a copacker to quickly scale, adding new production lines in only a few weeks. On deck is the installation of a new high-speed depalletizer and can repalletizer that will double our output capability.

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Sleeve labels on beer cans - a dream come true of the late Mr. Kronseder (Krones AG, Neutraubling). He spoke to this idea 33 years ago!
Sleeve labels on beer cans - a dream come true of the late Mr. Kronseder (Krones AG, Neutraubling). He spoke to this idea 33 years ago!