Sports drink incorporates lightweight closures

Kari Embree

March 11, 2015

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Sports drink incorporates lightweight closures

Greater Than, an all-natural, thirst quenching beverage steeped with coconut water and electrolytes has selected Closure Systems International (CSI) as the exclusive closure supplier for its exciting new 2.0 package redesign and national product distribution.

Mark and Jon Sider are the brother duo that created the sports drink in Chicago where it was launched in just a single store. Ever since the product introduction in 2010, the brand has grown at a rapid rate and is now available in more than 200 locations as well as on To celebrate this widespread growth, the company has undergone a brand renovation which includes its product formula and packaging based on feedback from its customers.

The redesigned package is now capped with CSI’s Extra-Lok V 38mm OD closure. This closure has been designed to be the lightest weight two-lead, 38mm closure in the market while ensuring performance reliability.

Packaging Digest asked CSI about the closure and the company commented below:

"The Extra-Lok V 38mm OD  closure is a lightweight, two-lead, lined polypropylene design that promotes environmental sustainability while maintaining performance excellence. Despite being lightweight, Extra-Lok V 38mm OD provides robust seal performance and safety. Its’ optimized inside/top sealing design is flexible and forgiving. The closure minimizes finish distortion that can be inherent with hot-fill PET bottles. It maintains sealing force while accommodating variability found with plastic bottle finishes and ensures a hermetic seal even through torturous distribution channels. Extra-Lok V 38mm also has a “smart” venting design feature that provides early pressure release, resulting in longer thread engagement after venting for maximum anti-blow-off security and safe consumer opening."

"In addition to its’ environmental and functional benefits, Extra-Lok V 38mm OD allows for enhanced branding. The Greater Than closure shell is customized via a color match to a specific shade of green. It includes white ink top print and under-the-cap printing for brand differentiation and to further communicate the Greater Than message."

Co-owner and co-developer Mark Sider says, “We wanted to emphasize our GREATER THAN branding to our consumers with our message on both sides of the package and on the closure; CSI enabled us to do that. In addition, CSI quickly facilitated color matching and has been very flexible in meeting all of our delivery requirements.”

The sports drink company sought out other closure suppliers and made their decision based in part on CSI’s knowledge and industry-wide standing. “CSI’s technical knowledge and application problem-solving are impressive,” says Sider. “We sought an experienced partner to ensure we would have a trouble-free national rollout.”

Source: CSI

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