A toast to 2016’s most spirited packages

Rick Lingle in Beverage Packaging on November 28, 2016

We celebrate 2016 with this 6-pack of the year’s top beverage packaging articles. Spoiler alert: It’s all about wine and beer.


The winding down of 2016 signals the start of celebrations that often acknowledge the past months’ accomplishments. We do that in grand packaging style by toasting the top-performing beverage packaging articles of the year. These happened to center entirely on beer and wine, popular subcategories overflowing with innovative labels and packaging designs among other value-added embellishments.

We open up our 6-pack of these top-read stories with #6 that dates to early July, when we posted an article about a series of peculiarly coded labels printed with letters and numbers. The unique alphanumeric symbols decorate a line of 6 beers from Denmark’s TO ØL Brewery. The article presented a triple mystery that lured readers: What do the labels’ codes mean? And from what cult classic movie does the line of colorful brews draw its inspiration? And finally, what does the brewer’s name signify?

If you love a mystery as much as many hundreds of readers, then you’ll want to test your deductive skills by examining the clues in Can you read this mysteriously coded beer label?

Wine labels with a lot of character…


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