A toast to 2016’s most spirited packages: Page 4 of 6

Rick Lingle in Beverage Packaging on November 28, 2016


Vault Brewing Company, Yardley, PA, opened its brewpub doors in 2012 as a family venture, getting the name from the fact the building had been a bank from the 1800s until recently.

“We’re very much about an immersive beer drinking experience,” explains co-founder James Cain.  “We go to great lengths to control everything that we can, which is where the concept of Nitro Cans came into play. We really wanted to be able to preserve the nitrogenated drinking experience that we’re providing in the brewpub elsewhere as well.”

We unlocked the brewer’s secrets in Nitro can delivers widget-less pub-style beer.


Beer packaging that’s full of visible, invisible and tactile surprises.

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