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Rick Lingle in Beverage Packaging on December 03, 2018


#3. How is it possible to market a multipack that contains just one bottle? Vessl, Inc. Tempe, AZ, accomplished that by leveraging the unique properties of that one bottle through its Tea of a Kind (TOAK) brand beverages with the one-of-a-kind “Eco 4-Pack” that is likely the most unusual multipack of tea or any beverage for that matter.

Every multipack contains one capped 16oz bottle of purified water sealed with a patented, pressurized “Vessl” cap that contains liquid ingredients comprising all-natural flavors, real brewed tea and powerful antioxidants. The concentrated liquid is preserved inside an oxygen depleted, nitrogen-flushed and pressurized Vessl cap that’s sealed to protect the freshly brewed tea against UV light and oxidation that typically degrade flavor. With a twist of the cap, the liquid ingredients—under 100 psi of nitrogen pressure—jet dramatically into the water.

After the sole bottle is used, the consumer can refill the bottle with water and repeat the process with the three fresh Vessl flavor caps that are included with the packaging. Read more in Novel tea steeped in packaging innovation


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