A toast to the 5 top beverage packaging developments of 2018: Page 5 of 5

Rick Lingle in Beverage Packaging on December 03, 2018

Winning by a landslide as the #1-most read beverage packaging article this year—it's a double winner because it's the same technology that first appeared at #4—is a technology developed with the idea that nothing is quite as refreshing as a cold drink. However, given consumers’ busy, always on-the-go lives, they don’t always have access to refrigeration when we need it. This new technology for a self-chilling can improves its manufacturability, making it a viable option for more brands. And, without the need for ice cubes, self-chilling beverages don’t get watered down, giving consumers a better flavor experience.

The updated technology also simplifies the activation process—from the previous push button to a twist—and changes to a safer activation ingredient. The new two-piece aluminum Chill-Can from The Joseph Co. now uses liquefied carbon dioxide as the active coolant.

Instructions are pretty simple: Turn can upside down, twist the can’s plastic base (which is now at the top) to activate the Heat Exchange Unit (HEU), wait about 75 to 90 seconds for the cooling process to complete, and then turn the can upright, open and enjoy.

For all the chilly particulars and a video, see Chill-Can presents a new twist in on-demand cold beverages.

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