Curved blister pack gains attention on shelf

Lisa Pierce in Blisters on June 06, 2014

The new Curved Packaging Solutions creates a curved blister pack designed to differentiate products on a crowded retail shelf. From Sonoco Alloyd, the product receives its curve from three sources: (1) The thermoformed front blister is made with a curve; (2) The nesting trays on the company’s Aergo 8 heat sealer have smooth curves matching the front blister. (3) The heat-seal platen that comes down to seal the layers is also curved to the degree of the nesting tray/blister. With this concept, packages can be made with a single or serpentine curve and with a concave or convex curve. Suitable for trapped-blister packs and products sold at clubstores, the Curved Packaging Solutions package is making its commercial debut at EastPack 2014.

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