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Rick Lingle in Bottles on April 05, 2016

A UPC bombshell


Next clockwise is the required legal and branding information printed in either white, red or black in the case of the UPC. The UPC code is not only positioned vertically, but it’s in the shape of cannon ball and has a red-printed lit fuse. How cool is that?

Another detail is that the UPC “bomb” portion is a gloss white to improve scannability.

Also, the vertical seam in the shrink film falls in that same area, in fact it lands right across the top of the “bomb.” However, there’s absolutely no gap or overlap of the printed bomb or the shrink film at that point. That is some remarkably tight kind of registration.

Guarding the top of the bottle is a tamper-evident polypropylene closure that is, fittingly, red in color to mimic a blast cap. The closure from Berry Plastics is embossed with the CM logo on the top and has black-ink-printed branding around the circumference.


Bottle gives up 2 final surprises


The bottle has a wide stable base. Would it surprise anyone if I note that the glass bottle vendor appropriately molded on the bottom is Anchor Glass? Whether that choice was intentional or sheer happenstance, it is just so yo-ho-ho amusing to me.

I promised a grand finale and here it is as the bottle gives up one final secret: A web search uncovered this added bonus—that I would not have discovered on my own—from the blog of the Rum Howler: “The Captain Morgan image changes if you place it under a black light. Under the influence of the ultra-violet light the Captain sheds his skin so to speak, and we see his skeleton grinning wickedly at us.”


Another wow—and with it the captain gets the final laugh. We’ve now come literally full circle with one of the most impressive bottles I’ve ever seen.

If you come across a package you feel is also a remarkable one, let us know! We’ll credit you for the find if you don’t mind, just email me a few bits of information at [email protected] with the subject line of Cool Packaging.



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