Artists make music with cans of Pringles

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Brand Marketing on April 17, 2014

Talk about taking your packaging to the next level. These cans sing!

What could you create if you had unlimited access to Pringles crisps and cans? That’s the premise behind a competition presented by Pringles (and brand owner Kellogg) and Gawker Media. Entries didn’t have to be a finished product. They could simply have been a photo, a sketch or a written account of the idea. The prize? A trip for two to New York City to attend Gawker Media's fourth-annual Silent Disco.

But to help fire up other contestants’ creativity, a group of guys from Brooklyn made a fully-functioning pipe organ. Their concept was inspired by the bone organ seen in the movie “The Goonies.”

Created by the multi-media art collective called Fall on Your Sword, this life-size “instrument” uses nearly 250 Pringles cans and combines recorded sound from the crisp cans themselves to emit a range of musical notes.

The contest deadline has been extended to Mon., April 21. Got an idea???

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