Low-cost food serialization and tracking using mobile devices

Rick Lingle in Brand Protection on April 30, 2014

This is a published patent for a serialized tracking system for food products that includes labeled food product packages and labeled containers for transporting the labeled packages to harvest sites. A data-clearing center receives mobile phone communications from the harvest sites for uploading the container codes. Ancillary information including the time, date and location is collected via the mobile communications; phone identification is associated with the container codes for linking the labeled food product packages to details of their harvest.

In one version of the invention, produce packages such as cartons or clamshells are individually encoded such as by the application of labels containing serialized information before they are shipped to the harvesting or packing site. The individual produce packages are grouped and shipped in containers, such as boxes, that can be similarly encoded. The code applied to each container is associated with a sequence or other listing of the codes assigned to the produce.

The system also facilitates recalls. This patent filing, published in late March, is assigned to WS Packaging Group, Inc.

Source: http://www.freshpatents.com/-dt20140327ptan20140084056.php

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